Board Game Storage: How We Store and Display Our Board Games

When you amass a collection as large as ours, board game storage becomes an issue.  For many years Ken stored his collection in a closet. Then one closet became two closets. We had stacks of board games in our living room and guest room. They were everywhere.  We’re going to share with you how we solved our board game storage issue and in another post we’ll discuss some ideas to help you solve your own board game storage issues.

Our Board Game Storage Solution

Let’s get right to it. We bought a house with a library.  Are we saying you need to buy a house with a library?! No. We just got lucky.

Originally, we put all of Ali’s books in there (she had a lot). But since we’ve moved into this house Ali has slowly been culling her book collection to only those that she truly loves. It was a natural process for her. So when our board game collection continued to grow and Ali’s book collection continued to diminish it only became natural to move our board games into the library.

board games on shelves

Our library has built in bookshelves from floor to ceiling with movable shelves- which for us is key.  We are able to adjust the shelves to the size of the games we have so we pair similar box sizes together.


Now when we have people over for our infamous board game dinner parties, Ken can walk our friends into the library and show off our collection in one place rather than all around the house.

These bookshelves are doing double duty for us. They are:

1) keeping our board games organized and

2) displaying our board games like they were art

Board game creators employ extremely talented artists to design these boxes. Board games on the shelf are kind of like beautiful trophies. We often send people to that room to pick out games and it’s so much nicer to send them to one room. Ali also likes that we don’t have to clean the entire house when we have people over!


Quick Board Game Storage Solution Tips:

  • Put your games in a central location that’s easy to access
  • Use some sort of organizational unit (bookshelves, crates, etc). We highly suggest getting something adjustable.
  • Sort games based on type (what kind of type? whatever makes the most sense to you; we sort based on size)


What are some ways that you’ve found to organize your board game collections?



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